From Ours To Yours

Brewed and packaged in Vancouver, B.C., Haus Lager was designed for your enjoyment in any situation, social norms and situational etiquette definitely withstanding (here’s looking at you Uncle Hamish). We’re talking backyard barbecues, weekend camping trips, music festivals and more.

This means simplicity of flavours is crucial – no massive malt characteristics, no lingering bitterness. We’ve saved the frills for some other beer company. Haus Lager is no-BS, back-to-basics beer that’s crafty without being artsy, flavourful without being overwhelming, and ideal for any and every lager drinker out there.

The Beer

Haus Lager

5% ༶ 18 IBU

Haus Heavy Lager

8% ༶ 20 IBU

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